Project and Construction Management

Our full service of construction management starts from the inception of the project till its completion. However management of the construction can be divided into three major stages which are as follows:
Pre Construction Stage
Construction Stage
Post Construction Stage

Construction Supervision and Inspection

In case the client assigns other teams to monitor and coordinate the design work, including all management work for the preconstruction up to the bidding, we can provide inspection and supervision service from the construction start till its completion. Post construction services are also provided.

Construction Site Visit

For the projects that require checking and comments from construction experts in occasional basis, we can provide skillful personnel to pay regular visits at the construction site and provide comments or useful suggestions to the project owner and parties concerned. A detailed written report on such inspection will be subsequently submitted.

Bidding and Contract Management

Bidding Management

  • Advise the project owner on bidding procedure and bidding schedule
  • Provide tender pre-qualification process for the project owner to approve bidder list
  • Coordinate with the project owner to receive special conditions for preparing TOR
  • Set up bidding document clarification and tender brief
  • Set up tender interviews, cost and technical negotiation
  • Coordinate with bidders and all parties concerned to issue addendum documents for further costing, conditions, negotiation and to complete final contracts
  • Provide cost and technical comparison and analysis
  • Prepare tender award package

Contract Management

  • Advise the project owner and prepare the Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Advise the project owner on the conditions of each contract
  • Prepare contract documents
  • Check contract documents and monitor the contractors to work with compliance to all contracts and provisions
  • Issue instructions to the contractors for variation works required by the project owner
  • Check all that instruction and conditions to the contractors which are recorded in writing and maintain logs
  • Verify work measurement and assessment of the monthly valuations and provide all necessary updated progress information

Quantity Surveying

This service covers the scope of works which are as follows

Pre-Construction Period

  • Cost Plan
  • Construction cost plan for project financial plan and budget
  • Cost estimation
  • Cost control and value engineering

Construction Stage

  • Coordinate with the project owner or owner representative in issuing instructions to the contractors for additional requirements, provisions, and variation of the contracts
  • Quality management
  • Management of construction cost and variation works
  • Monthly valuation and payments certification
  • Cost control and value engineering
  • Certify and provide final payment and claims

Design & Build

We provide design consulting services for various scale of buildings. Our team and partners will work together to achieve client’s requirements and criteria. Our design process and solution will benefit the client with 3 aspects as follow:

Shorter Construction Time
Low Budget
Better Quality

What We Offer

  • Analyze project requirements, the project budget, design criteria, regulations to find the potential design concept till the final decent design solution
  • Advise the project owner on the project schedule from design phase till the construction completion
  • Provide design development documents and drawings submitted in each work phase
  • Provide cost estimation to verify cost and value engineering to meet the design and the project budget
  • Work with contractors to be comply with milestones, construction practicality and budget
  • Plan work process with control construction budget, control variation works and costs